Attorney Kristin Knudson Talks Immigration Reform with El Comercio de Colorado


In an interview (in Spanish) with Attorney Kristin Knudson published in El Comercio de Coloradoon July 11, 2013, she opines the Senate's version of the immigration reform bill contains many positive provisions that would allow some undocumented individuals to start on a path to citizenship, if the law were to go into effect.  Ms. Knudson explains some of the limitations of the law, including that it includes several new grounds of inadmissibility for those with even minor criminal histories.  Ms. Knudson explains it is possible the House of Representatives may not vote on the Senate's version of the bill, and may instead draft its own immigration reform or adopt and vote on pieces of the Senate's proposal.  She asks constituents to put pressure on their representatives now.  If something is not firmly in the works by fall, the opportunity may be missed entirely.  You can read the full article here.