Executive Order Dramatically Expands U.S. Immigration Enforcement Priorities


In an executive order signed January 25, 2017, Trump has made any removable non-citizen convicted of any crime or merely charged with any crime an "enforcement priority." Speeding is a crime. You get the drift.

The executive order increase the use of "expedited removal," a process by which a person has no right to see a judge prior to removal. What can you do? 

  1.  If you have to ability to secure your status in the U.S., do it without delay; 
  2.  If you have suffered past persecution or fear persecution if forced to returnto your home country, be prepared to explain your fear to ICE officials once you are contacted; 
  3. Carry with you (on your person) evidence that you have been in the U.S. more than two years. This can be your last two years of tax returns (just the 1040's), leases, or a sampling of pay stubs, utility bills, bank statements, etc, over the last two years. 
  4. Talk to an immigration lawyer about your specific situation to prepare for your future.