Immigration Plan that Would Benefit Parents of Citizens Blocked by Supreme Court


An immigration plan put forth by President Obama that would allow parents of citizens or lawful permanent residents to avoid deportation and apply for work permits was blocked by the Supreme Court today.

In November 2014, the President issued an executive action aimed at helping nearly five million unauthorized immigrants through a program termed Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (“DAPA”).  A group of states challenged the executive action, claiming it bypassed the regular procedures for changing the law, among other claims. The District Court and the Fifth Circuit halted the implementation of the DAPA program with an injunction while the case is pending.  While there is no final decision on that case, the President asked the Supreme Court to remove the injunction to move forward with the implementation of DAPA.  But today, the Supreme Court came down in a four to four tie on the issue, which leaves the injunction in place.  

This does not represent a final decision on the case, but it is certainly a setback for the millions of immigrants within the United States hoping for the opportunity to live and work legally, many with no other legal options.